The Majrani archives

One of the very first Italian photographic colour archives with a distinct geographic content, established at the end of the '50s by Guglielmo Majrani. Successively, enriched by his sons, Alberto and Marco along with the contribution of numerous Italian and international photographers. Today the archives consist of approximately 500,000 photographs representing more than 100 countries worldwide. The topics are primarily geographical, landscapes, trekking, architecture, archaeology, agriculture, nature, local craftwork, geology, folklore, populations, industry and science. The subjects which are exceedingly well documented, are those found in the most famous museums worldwide, some of which today are difficult or virtually impossible to visit (like those in the Middle East). The 'ethnographical-geographical' is particularly rich in content with photographic reportages of the '70s and '80s, in the remotest of regions of the world. Great thought and detail distinguishes this collection which all have a particular historic, artistic, anthropological, panoramic and scientific importance, as highlighted in the descriptions. Each photograph is the result of a demanding and thorough research, which precedes each and every reportage.

Digitalisation of the collection
New images will be added to this site at a rate of approximately 2,000 each month. The ultimate aim is the scanning of at least 50,000 images to be added to the web within 2009. Twenty thousand will be relevant to Italy and thirty thousand to the rest of the world. They will be selected from the most introspective images of the collection, as well as all the latest digital photographs. The photographs on this site are immediately available. To download high resolution images, with the aim to publish, see purchase of images. Regarding the use of technical features, click onto technical features.

Technical features of images
The photographic images on this site have the following qualitative parameters: